Selecting the Perfect Sink Size

The sink is one of the most important items in any kitchen or bathroom. There are many factors to consider before determining which sink is the most suitable for your lifestyle. When selecting a sink size, it is the width and depth of the cabinet on top of which the sink will be located that will determine the maximum possible sink size. It should be noted that a new sink should have exterior width and depth dimensions several inches less than the cabinet.

Sink Cabinet Width

The width of the sink cabinet measured from outside edge to outside edge is considered the sink cabinet width.   This measurement will determine the largest possible sink that will fit inside your sink cabinet.   For every sink, the minimum cabinet width has been indicated.   Measure your sink cabinet and ensure you select a sink with a minimum cabinet width no larger than your sink cabinet.

Countertop Depth

This is the countertop space available to install your sink measured from the front to the back of the countertop.   A stone countertop without a backsplash will typically accommodate a sink with a maximum front to back dimension of 22 inches in a kitchen and 18 inches in a bathroom.   However, if you have a thick tile or solid surface material mounted on your backsplash, it will reduce the amount of counter space available for the sink.   It is best to discuss with your countertop professional before making any final decision.

Sink Depth

Kitchen sinks usually have a depth ranging from 7-10 inches, while the depth of bathroom sinks are typically 5-7 inches.   In the kitchen a deeper bowl can more easily accommodate the use of large pots and pans while a shallower bowl might provide greater comfort while working in and reaching to the bottom of the sink especially for shorter individuals.  The depth of the sink can also be limited by accessories under the sink such as garbage or recycling bins.

When undermounting a sink, the thickness of the countertop becomes a consideration.   A 10 inch deep sink undermounted in a typical countertop that is approximately 1.25 inches thick, will provide a total depth of 11.25 inches.